44-b – The Mummy’s Claw

Show Location:

The Armory Municipal Building
100 N Water Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Show Times:

Friday & Saturday
November 10-11 & 17-18, 2017
November 12 & 19, 2017

Reservations for dinner must be made by the WEDNESDAY preceding the show you wish to attend.


Or purchase at the ticket outlets located at Morris-Crager or A Bloom.

In the Nile valley, circa 1903, a party at the home of archaeologist Sir Nevil Blore becomes a struggle for survival when the translation of some stone tablets conjures up an ancient evil. What was the sin of Khopsis, turned to stone and waiting to be reborn if the Blores’ niece is sacrificed on his altar? And why doesn’t he have a head? What can thwart the magical powers of the 2000 year old high priest (or priestess, if you prefer)? How can Lucy’s beloved save her? And why in the world does the mummy have a claw on its index finger? Can they locate the Pharaoh’s jewels? And will they wish they hadn’t? And what are zic zag eggs? This evening of non stop hilarity has so many surprises and twists you’ll lose count.


Featuring: The Addam’s Family

September 15-16 & 22-23, 2017
Dinner at 6:30, Show at 7:30
September 17 & 24, 2017
Dinner at 1:00, Show at 2:00

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