2015-2016 – Season 42

The Taming of Judge Roy Bean

April 15-16 & 22-23, 2016
April 17 & 24, 2016

The Taming of Judge Roy Bean.West Texas in the late 1800s was wild, lawless, and rife with robbers. And that just suited Judge Roy Bean right down to his socks. But when the Judge reads a dime novel about Buffalo Bill, he figures his story should be told as well. And fortunately for him, the “boys,” Hank, Pete, and Ralph, have just found a reporter they want to hang. Freed from the gallows, Butler Boone agrees to write Bean’s bio…but at what price? Civilization is about to descend on the little town of Langtry in the form of school marms, pushy mothers, conniving matchmakers and an occasional gunslinger, just to stir up the dust. Farcical situations and wisecracks fly as fast as ricocheting bullets in this hilarious spoof of western justice. “Yep,” says the Judge, “this will put the fun back in funeral.”

Directors: Mike Phillips and Patsy Clifford

Judge Roy Bean: Dennis Tibbits
Clem: Steve Ball
Hank: David Collins
Pete: Ron Goossen
Ralf: Seth Arnold
Butler: Darren Tobey
Lisa: Heather-Rose Thompson
Penelope: Criss Pearson
Gilda: Bridget Cowlishaw
Jenny: Ariel McCormick
Cloe: Tiphanie Russell
Dafne: Misti Hanrahan
Plymie: Bryn Smith
Red/Little/Flint: Craig Clifford

Practice was held every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at St. Basil’s